A Holistic Business Approach

Within Finance House, our three main business areas- Commercial & Corporate Coverage, Retail Finance and Treasury & Investments continue to complement each other, together making up an integrated portfolio of business activities.

Our commercial lending arm sees continuing potential for significant organic growth in the UAE. The retail financing activity provides a powerful and complementary extension to commercial lending activities, with diversified risk and reward characteristics. Treasury manages our liquidity prudently while also seeking out opportunities to strengthen the Company’s funding platform and providing value-added risk management services to our customers and other business segments. Our Investment team focuses on maximizing returns from our well-diversified proprietary investment book.

As a Group, we have harnessed the ability to seamlessly offer a wide range of financial services to our discerning customers including Conventional and Shari’a compliant financing solutions, a bouquet of non-life insurance solutions, investment portfolio advisory & asset management solutions, access to debt and equity capital markets for funding as well as securities brokerage & margin lending services relative to equities listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange & Dubai Financial Market.