CSR Activities in 2017

Since inception, Finance House has always sought to grow alongside the community in which it operates. As a responsible corporate citizen, we sincerely believe that our contribution to the UAE should not only be measured in terms of the monetary returns we generate for our shareholders but also in terms of the positive impact we have on the society at large. In pursuance of this objective, we have carried out several social activities for uplifting the under privileged and physically challenged sections of society. In 2017 we extended non-monetary support to several cultural, sporting, economic, educational and humanitarian activities- including our annual blood donation campaign- in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Blood Bank under the supervision of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, our organic food market: Promoting and selling organic products from Zayed Agricultural Centre for development and rehabilitation, and our Beach Cleanup Initiative in collaboration with Yas Marina and in support of Abu Dhabi City Municipality efforts for a cleaner environment. We remain committed to contribute our might towards achieving a harmonized society, and are always ready to expand our CSR activities to encompass more segments of society that may need our support.